Any details on the upcoming Castle wedding? — Tara

When Castle finds himself in an alternate universe where Beckett doesn’t know him, it makes him realize what’s truly important. But don’t worry: They tie the knot in real life, not the alternate universe. So rest assured that this is actually happening. “[The ceremony] isn’t going to be like their last wedding,” executive producer David Amann says. “It comes together in a slightly more hasty fashion. But that being said, it’s incredibly romantic and moving, and I think the fans are really going to feel like it’s the culmination of 6-plus seasons of this relationship.”


When ABC’s Castle resumes Season 7 on Nov. 10, the titular novelist’s life will get a rewrite, as the Case of the Week tees up a reality in which Kate (played by Stana Katic) never met Rick (Nathan Fillion) — and in which Alexis is brunette, apparently, based on these fresh photos.

Laying out the “rule book” for the reality-skewing episode, showrunner David Amann tells TVLine, “Castle has never written Nikki Heat, because he’s never met Kate, and she has no idea who he is” — not even as a successful novelist, mind you. “The people around him, including Martha and Alexis, are different as well, in different kinds of ways, in direct reaction to the path his life has taken.”

Meaning you can also expect to spy subtle changes in Ryan and Esposito, as a result of their Castle-free years.

“There’s a lot of fun to be had,” Amann promises. “Nathan is brilliant in it, playing the fish out of water situation. It’s a delightful episode” — especially, one must imagine,given the wedding bells that ring it to a close.


“The Time of Our Lives” — A murder investigation launches Castle into what seems to be an alternate universe where he’s never met Kate Beckett. Castle has to convince Beckett, Esposito and Ryan — now complete strangers — to let him participate in their investigation so he can find his way back to his own world. This inspires Castle & Beckett to finally take a trip to the altar, on “Castle,” MONDAY, NOVEMBER 10 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

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Question: Do you have any scoop on Castle Episode 8? — Jess
Ausiello: Titled “Kill Switch,” the episode revolves around a routine investigation that turns deadly when a gunman takes hostages on a subway car — including one of the 12th’s finest. BONUS SCOOP: Married with Children‘s Ted McGinley is set to guest-star in Episode 9’s Expendables riff as Brock Harmon, an aging, larger-than-life B-movie action vet (and the husband of the recently cast Krista Allen). The ep revolves around the murder of a Stallone-like movie star.


Episode 7.08 of Castle will be called “Kill Switch” and will air on the 24th November.


Rick and Kate’s long-awaited, recently-postponed wedding will go off without a hitch on Castle next month — and we have proof.

A promo for the Nov. 10 episode that’s slated to air tonight (but that you can watchnow) offers a sneak peek at the actual ceremony, as well as the alt-universe insanity that precedes it.

But wait, there’s more.

The clip also previews the Nov. 17 episode — AKA the one with the Wild Wild West-themed honeymoon!


ABC’s Castle is soon to snuff an action-movie icon, and somehow go-to bad girl Krista Allen figures into the mix.

TVLine has confirmed that in this season’s ninth episode, which revolves around the murder of a Stallone-like movie star, Allen will play Naomi Duvray, a former silver screen siren who starred in a slew of critically unacclaimed 1980s action movies.

Naomi is also the wife of Brock Harmon, murder vic’s onetime regular costar and now the frontman for a B-movie franchise.

An alum of such series as Days of Our Lives, Baywatch and What About Brian, Allen’s more recent TV credits include episodes of Mistresses, Hawaii Five-0 and Melissa & Joey. The actress first shared her casting via Twitter.


Beth Nintzel will play the role of “Young Kat” in Episode 7.09 “Role of A Lifetime”.

No further details are currently known.


Who on Castle might have a very merry Christmas? How will White Collar say goodbye? Is a Haven hook-up ahead? What happens to the Arrow on The Flash? Is a Beauty-ful family expanding? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Anything about Castle Episode 10? We know that is Christmas-related and is written by Chad and Dara Creasey, but do you have other news? –Nancy

A source tells me that in that episode, against the backdrop of the most wonderful time of the year, Esposito and Lanie will “navigate a defining moment in their relationship.” I hear goosebumps forming out there!