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What does it say for a potential Season 8 of Castle that they wrapped up the two major storylines (Bracken, 3XK)? And if this is indeed the last season, shouldn’t the writers already know so that they can properly wrap up the show? –Vaso

I revisited this hot topic with showrunner David Amann the other week — asking, At what point do they need to know which way the wind is blowing with regards to re-signing Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic and possibly locking a renewal? – and his response was this: “Obviously, we’re prepared for whatever comes along, and we’ll adjust as necessary. But we’re hopeful that the show will move forward. In the meantime, we’ll just make the best show that we can.”

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Before Castle’s two-parter descended into bloody action, there was a quiet moment where Beckett (Stana Katic) pondered the future child she might have with Castle (Nathan Fillion). But, user Rachel asks, will the show actually impregnate Beckett any time soon?

Possibly! “Beckett is looking ahead,” executive producer David Amann tells us. “She’s trying to figure out what her next step is, and that encompasses family. She’s been driven for the better part of her adult life by the death of her mother, which is now resolved. Her relationship with Castle is settled, so she’s at a place now where she really needs to be thinking about, ‘What does she want that future to be?’ It seems like children are going to naturally be a part of that discussion.”

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No one messes with Detective Kevin Ryan on “Castle.” Well, except his co-workers, who sometimes enjoy making fun of his nerdy tendencies and vast stores of obscure knowledge.

When Seamus Dever, who plays Ryan, asked if he could take over our Instagram for a day, we decided to let him, because we want to see what makes Ryan and his co-stars tick.

Seamus will be posting to the Zap2it Instagram all day on Thursday (Feb. 19), giving us a behind-the-scenes tour of “Castle,” his new project “The Extraordinary Farewell” and more. Check in all day long to see what he’s up to!

Zap2It’s Instagram account

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CASTLE has said its goodbye to the 3XK arc…probably.

Jerry Tyson/3XK has been around since the show’s third season episode, “3XK,” and his presence has been felt at least once a season since then. But after he helped orchestrate Beckett’s kidnapping in last week’s “Resurrection,” it ended up being one step too far…Castle, determined to save his wife, figured out how to double-cross him, and Tyson was shot and killed. Elsewhere, a kidnapped Beckett also got the better of Dr. Nieman, Tyson’s girlfriend/accomplice, and was able to save herself.

And so, it seems the show’s 3XK arc is over. I spoke with CASTLE boss David Amann about ending the 3XK arc (probably), Beckett saving herself, Castle (officially) rejoining the team, and more…

After playing with the 3XK mythology for years, what came into the decision to end it now? David Amann: This is something we started back in season 3, and every season [since] we’ve done a story that touched on 3XK directly or indirectly. In season 4, it was Ryan’s gun [that Tyson took from him] had been used in a homicide; in season 5 it was “Probable Cause” where 3XK framed Castle for murder; in 6, it was “Disciple” where we introduced Kelly Nieman as someone who seemed to be adjacent to 3XK. We felt it was time to have a confrontation with this character. He’s a person we think has been a fascinating character in the show, and a great nemesis for Castle and Beckett. But he’s also been someone who has been at the periphery of episodes. A couple of scenes here and there, a couple of cryptic exchanges. We wanted to have a storyline where the two of them actually confronted him, and go mano a mano — you could really square off with the guy and get to know him a little bit better, and see what he’s made of. We felt that was a satisfying way [to pay it off], we thought it would be something the audience would appreciate we pay off, and the audience would find a satisfying conclusion to that story. –

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Castle’s annual two-parter ended with a bang (and a slice) when Esposito shot Jerry Tyson—and Beckett took Kelly Nieman down with her own scalpel. Needless to say, it was an eventful hour that resulted in Castle being unbanned from the NYPD. So what now? And have we really seen the last of Tyson and Nieman?

We talked with showrunner David Amann about the two-parter’s conclusion, what it really means, and what’s next for the team:

EW: Tyson and Nieman are such great villains. Were you all at all hesitant to kill them?
David Amann: I don’t think [so]. When we talked about the two-parter, one of the things we were drawn to was the idea that we would actually be able to spend a little bit more time with both Nieman and Tyson and see them interact more directly with Beckett and Castle. And it just felt to us like to be able to finally have them in the same room together for extended periods of time really kind of dictated that this was going to be the end. It felt like a culmination to us, and it is something that we’ve kept going since season 3. I think there’s always opportunities for other mythologies and other characters, but it felt like the time to draw this to a close.

So then is it safe to say this puts an end to that storyline?
I think Castle and Beckett think it has, but I think it’s fair to say that you never know. We’ve assumed that Tyson’s been dead in the past and we’ve been dead wrong about it.

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The following contains spoilers from the conclusion of Castle‘s two-parter.

This week on ABC’s Castle, Rick — in his heated pursuit of any leads on Kate’s abduction — got slapped with assault charges after roughing up the man proclaiming himself to be Michael Boudreau. Then, acting on Gates’ counsel, Rick got inside his adversary’s head and decided to “bring the game to him.”

To that end, Rick went “lone wolf” and infiltrated Jerry Tyson’s remote lair, only to get nabbed by his own prey. Yet that was Rick’s plan all along — to let 3XK lure him there, so that he could find Kate. Because Castle was in fact not alone but accompanied by Esposito (outside with a sniper rifle, which he put to use in taking down Tyson) and Ryan. Beckett meanwhile freed herself from being strapped down for “surgery” and turned Dr. Nieman’s scalpel against her, leaving Tyson’s girlfriend dead in a pool of blood. In the aftermath, Castle got his job back at the 12th, by way of 1,000 hours of community service to work off those assault charges.

Here, Castle showrunner David Amann talks about tying up the years-long 3XK story, Nieman’s “Beckett lookalike” agenda and when the show will finally revisit Rick’s unsolved vanishing.

TVLINE | Was there any debate about ending the 3XK mythology?

Not really. Again, part of the desire was to have real scenes and real conflict that put our characters directly in opposition with Tyson and Kelly Nieman. We felt that the satisfying consequence of that was that this would be the end, that when you have that kind of confrontation where a gauntlet is thrown down — in Part 1, Tyson and Nieman walk out of the precinct free and clear while Beckett gets grabbed — there has to be an answer to that that’s going to be satisfying to the audience. We have done a Tyson-related episode every season [since the character’s debut], and this felt like a good time to bring it to a close.

One of the other things we wanted to get out of the two-parter, one of the reasons why we ultimately wanted to put Jerry Tyson to bed once and for all, is that we wanted to really give Castle a way to earn his way back into the 12th precinct. He did some things that were worthy of him being dismissed, and in order to redeem himself we felt like he had to do something extraordinary. This let him do that, and with some credibility. It wasn’t just, “Hey, we like you, we want to bring you back.” He had to earn his stripes, especially in Gates’ eyes, and he did.

TVLINE | You’d know better than I, but this felt like one of the first times that Beckett has been in jeopardy and Castle got to save the day. I know he had some help, but he kind of orchestrated this rescue mission.

There may be some other examples where she’d been in jeopardy in a less dire way…. But from our standpoint, we also wanted Beckett to have agency over her own fate here, in that she doesn’t really depend on him in this particular case to come to her rescue. He comes in just as she’s finished [killing Nieman]. We felt like both of them acted up to their level on both sides of the story.

Castle 3XK Dies

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Next on Castle

7x17 - Hong Kong Hustle - March 16th
After a man is mysteriously murdered in a park, Castle and Beckett team up with a competitive, high-powered female detective from Hong Kong, who has information about the victim. But as Beckett digs deeper into the case, she realizes neither her Hong Kong colleague nor the victim may be quite who they seem, on Castle.

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