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Question: Any scoop about Castle? —Fred

Ausiello: The finale — which is supposed to delve into both Castle and Beckett mythology — will feature a “distinguished, highly intelligent” psychiatrist. What say you, Mitovich? “Perhaps the shrink is a means to pull out of Rick any repressed memories about his ‘missing’ months?’” Yep, that sounds about right.

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Richard Castle, New York Times mega-bestselling mystery writer and star of ABC’s hit primetime show Castle is back. In the seventh novel of his popular Nikki Heat series, the NYPD’s top homicide detective has been promoted to captain just in time to face a thrilling case with a very personal twist. Captain Heat’s fianc , Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Jameson Rook, is deep in an investigation. Professionally for Heat, Rook’s meddling in the case compromises her new job. Privately, it becomes an early test of their engagement when Rook becomes a distraction at best, and an obstacle at worst, as their parallel lives not only cross, but collide.

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Unless you’ve been living on Mars for the past seven years (and maybe, even if you have), you know that Monday nights are Castle nights. For most of us, it’s a blissful hour to relax, slip on our pajamas, and watch the best show on television (I don’t consider myself biased on this point, at all). There are so many reasons to love this show: the writing is superb – witty and sarcastic in all the right places, with plenty of one-liners to steal, the plot never plods, and it’s a show that has managed to escape jumping the shark, even after seven very-full seasons. But at its heart, Castle matters because the actors bring the characters to life so convincingly. There’s a reason that fans line up to buy Richard Castle books at Barnes & Noble, why Tumblr explodes each week when episodes lead us into uncharted or unexpected territory. We love this show because we love the people who are a part of it.

It was with that in mind that I sat down to chat with Jon Huertas, one of the fabulous four who make Castle tick. Portraying Detective Esposito on the show, Jon is effortless in his role as the wise-cracking bad-ass detective with a heart of gold. But there’s much more to Jon than his character, and we got to delve into his start in musical theater, his album and upcoming music video, his motorcycle, charity work, and his new restaurant in Venice Beach. A man of many talents, and Jon wears them all with a humility and down-to-earth candor that makes him irresistible, both on screen and off. This is a man who spends his free-time pursuing what he loves with single-minded determination. We were blown away by all that he does, and we’re sure you will be too. And don’t worry, we grilled him about Castle plenty, too!

Get ready to meet your newest celebrity crush, because we guarantee that after you read this you’ll be a Jon Huertas fan for life.

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For seven seasons, the ensemble cast of Castle have proven, time after time, that supporting characters are an integral part of the success of a series. After all, Castle and Beckett simply would not be as compelling without one another, but their story would also not be as endearing to us without their friends, family, and co-workers to share their journey with. Likewise, the stories of these supporting characters have so often proven to add even more depth and enjoyment to the series, allowing us to explore new sides to these characters while allowing the talented actors who portray them to step into the spotlight as well.

Seamus Dever has been a member of the ensemble cast for all seven seasons, portraying the kind-hearted, sentimental, and all-round good guy, Detective Kevin Ryan. From his bromance with Esposito (Jon Huertas) and his idolizing Castle, to his brother/sister relationship with Beckett and his loving role as husband and father, the character of Kevin Ryan has always provided a perfect combination of comic relief and heartfelt drama and it would be impossible to imagine anyone other than Dever in the role.

Dever recently took time out of his busy schedule to give The TV Junkies the scoop on all thingsCastle, as well as his new indie film project, The Extraordinary Farewell. Speaking to us from his car, on his way home from the vet with his beagle, Daisy (yes, you can all swoon over that!), Dever discussed the recent Ryan-centric episode, what’s coming up on Castle, and how he and the cast are approaching the uncertainty over the future of the series, as well as his role in The Extraordinary Farewell and what fans can do to help support the project.

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Question: So Castle has started shooting its 21st episode of the season, with only two more left. Wouldn’t they know by now if Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion would renew their contracts? Is it normal that the production wouldn’t know which way their stars are going to go regarding renewals? Because I’d have thought that, probably going into pre-production on the season finale, they’d already know if it’s also the series finale. Castle has a very passionate (and vocal) fan base. People will probably rage if they spring on us last minute, “Hey, enjoy the series finale, cause it’s the last you’ll ever see of the show!” Wouldn’t it be reasonable if they let fans know this kind of stuff in advance? Up until what point can Stana and Nathan renegotiate their contracts before ABC has to make an actual decision on the future of the show? — Gabi

Matt Roush: You don’t need to tell me how passionate and vocal Castle’s fan base can be. This issue has dogged the show all season, and my take on such business matters (which I don’t cover or monitor on a regular basis) is that more often than not, these deals tend to get worked out on their own timetable, and I urge fans to be patient. Castle has run successfully long enough that it deserves to build up to a series finale, and I’d be surprised if the stars don’t eventually sign, even if it isn’t until after the current season wraps. With that in mind, it’s probably in the show’s best interest for the season not to end with another cliffhanger unless things are ironed out by then. ABC would obviously like to have the show around a while longer, since it’s still doing just fine on Mondays, but negotiations like these can be tricky and tedious, and right now, easing fans’ anxiety probably isn’t a terribly high priority.

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ABC’s CASTLEis in its seventh season, Monday nights at 10 PM. As of right now, nobody seems to know whether or not it will be back for an eighth year of romance and crime-solving with Nathan Fillion’s title character, a wealthy novelist who writes about crimes, and his muse (and now wife), NYPD homicide detective Kate Beckett, played by Stana Katic.

Penny Johnson Jerald, who has played Beckett’s boss, Captain Victoria Gates, since Season 4, is a big fan of a recent plot development that saw Castle becoming a New York private investigator.

PENNY JOHNSON JERALD: I thought the episode [“Castle, P.I.”] was really epic. What’s exciting about it is that you have Castle unleashed out in the field as a PI and that is classic CASTLE.

AX: Is Captain Gates horrified by Castle’s new job?

JERALD: Oh, my God. The tête-à-tête that we have is unbelievable. The chemistry is amazing between Castle and the Gates character. Today, as I do every so often, I’ll binge out on TV. I was taking a short nap and THE ROCKFORD FILES was on. And I was just listening, and I thought, “This is CASTLE.” I think Nathan Fillion is now THE ROCKFORD FILES as a P.I.

AX: Do you feel like you’re harking back to the police captains in Humphrey Bogart movies, where they’re saying, “Listen, Marlowe, you can’t do that!”?

JERALD: Actually, yes, because I kind of say those words. My husband’s back East and he texts me [while CASTLE is on] and he says, “Are you watching?” I said, “It doesn’t come on for three more hours,” and he said, “Okay, well, I am, and this is epic.” Those are his words. And for him to say that, it means a lot.

AX: In Season 7, David Amann has taken over as show runner from series creator Andrew W. Marlowe. Is there anything different in the dynamic?

JERALD: I do miss [Marlowe’s] presence, but because they worked so well together hand in hand that when you see David, it’s kind of like seeing Andrew. The difference is that Andrew has this fatherly spirit, and David is more like a brotherly spirit, and there is a difference. But they’re both in the know, so it’s still in unity. So we’re not suffering.



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Forget about murder — there’s a much bigger mystery to be solved this season on Castle. Although the long-running ABC procedural still has legions of fans, the show has yet to be renewed for an eighth season, due at least somewhat in part to the fact that the show’s stars, Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, haven’t signed new contracts to continue.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the decision may come down to the wire. “It’s been weird. The last five months have been limbo,” cast member Seamus Dever, whose contract is also up, tells “I don’t know [what’s] going to happen, and, to be honest, no one has talked to me … about next season. I’d like to have some answers because my family wants to know if I’m going to be employed. But right now it’s really up in the air.”

Naturally, that uncertainty makes planning the remainder of the season a bit tricky for the show’s writers. Even so, executive producerDavid Amann says he’s trying to avoid the distraction. “We’re hopeful that everything gets resolved,” he says. “We have thought about a bunch [of] different scenarios, but our main obligation is just to our audience and delivering great shows. We’re just building the best end of the season that we can.”

Perhaps surprisingly because of the situation, it sounds like the end of the season will involve some uncertainty rather than wrapping things up. “I think we are headed toward to some sort of cliff-hanger. We go back into the Beckett mythology and that might play strongly in the end,” Dever teases, noting that the choice makes him remain hopeful that the show will see a Season 8. “From what I’m hearing, [the delayed renewal] is not from lack of want at the network level. They’re very happy with the success of our show; it’s just about getting everybody back to the table.”

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