Question: There’s already been a lot of talk online about whether or not Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic will renew their Castle contracts to pave the way for Season 8 and beyond. I don’t really see the point in asking you if they’re going to do that or not, because that is up to them and I doubt you have any more knowledge of their contract negotiations than I do. But I am wondering: Given the TV production schedule, when would this decision need to be reached? Let’s assume that all involved parties want the show to be able to end on its own terms with a properly written sendoff, whenever that time may come. Because Castle is a crime show, of course they can just write a new case-of-the-week basically indefinitely, but the personal stories of Castle, Beckett and those around them do deserve closure and that means they will need some lead time to write an ending. I would imagine, too, that the mystery of Castle’s disappearance may not be completely solved within one season (since it took several years to finish the Johanna Beckett murder), unless of course they get notice that this year is the end, in which case that would need complete resolution faster.

So: How long do you think they’ve got to make these deals in order to allow the writers time to finish? I know Shonda Rhimes didn’t know right up until the last moment the first time the core Grey’s Anatomy cast had to re-negotiate for Season 9, which probably influenced the plane crash storyline. And a while back now, poor Ugly Betty got its cancellation news in tandem with reducing its episode order, which only gave them I think three or four more episodes to tie up everything. Those writers rose to the occasion and ended the show in a lovely manner, but I imagine it was a bit stressful to cram everything in like that. So: What’s the timetable, do you think? — Jake

Matt Roush: I’m hardly an expert on such matter, and given how well Castle is holding up this year, I’d be shocked if the show isn’t able to work out deals for another season or two. But realistically, production on a show like this wouldn’t go much beyond a few more months into early spring (late March-early April or thereabouts), so if this does turn out (which I doubt) to be the final season of Castle, that wouldn’t give them a lot of time to plot a grand sendoff. Given that the wedding has already (finally) happened, and wrapping up the mystery behind last season’s cliffhanger wouldn’t necessarily take that much effort (the sooner the better, if you ask me), even if this does become a rush to the end, it might not be that great a cause for concern.

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It’s officially the holiday season at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles! Celebrities Heidi Klum, Stana Katic, Lucy Lawless and Barett Foa were some of the many special guests who celebrated the offical lighting of the hospital’s 35-foot tree Tuesday night.

Despite chilly temperatures and steady rainfall, more than 100 patients and their families gathered at the tented Ralph M. Parsons Foundation Dining Terrace for cookies, cocoa and live entertainment. Teen Beach Movie actor Garrett Clayton and Castle star Katic read holiday books to the guests. Lawless teamed up with Clayton and former American Idol star Tamyra Gray to sing ‘Winter Wonderland.’ Gray also performed a moving rendition of the holiday classic ‘O Holy Night.’ The Power Rangers made a surprise appearance, much to the delight of the youngsters in the audience.

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Texas native Molly Quinn is becoming known for her role as Alexis Castle in the ABC show, “Castle.” Now, she’s returning to her home state to lead the Dallas Children’s Health Holiday Parade this weekend.

She sat down with Ron Corning to talk about parade etiquette, staying grounded in Hollywood and keeping in touch with her Texas roots — all in what turned out to be her first live television interview.


What can you tell us about the Castle midseason finale?— Amy

We know from the promos that Castle will have himself “a very mobster Christmas,” but there’s more to that than you’re probably thinking. Not only will Castle find himself dealing with a potential mob war, but thanks to an unexpected blood oath, Castle will soon be considered an “honorary mobster.” I wonder how Beckett will feel about that…


The doctor is back in.

TVLine has learned exclusively that 24alum Annie Werschingis set to reprise herCastle role, as ice queen Dr. Kelly Nieman, later this season.

“She will definitely be resurfacing,” showrunner David Amann teased as part of our Winter TV Preview Q&A.

Wersching first played the world-class plastic surgeon — who appears to have been a girlfriend and/or disciple of Castle adversary Jerry Tyson aka 3XK in the Season 6 episode “Disciple,” which featured cosmetically altered Esposito and Lanie “lookalikes.”

The ever-busy Wersching’s recent TV credits include the CBS summer drama Extantand the upcoming Amazon series Bosch, where she plays LAPD officer Julia Brasher to Titus Welliver’s titular police detective.

Castle‘s Christmas-themed winter finale, Episode 10, airs this Monday at 10/9c.


ARROW’s Audrey Marie Anderson (Lyla) is guest starring on an upcoming episode of CASTLE, a rep for the ABC show has confirmed. Anderson — who will appear in CASTLE’s as-yet-unnamed 13th episode — will play Aubrey Harris, an attorney whom our guys encounter when she defends a man accused of murder. The episode will air in early 2015. The episode is currently filming right now, and Anderson broke the news of her appearance with an adorable on-set photo with CASTLE stars Jon Huertas (Esposito) and Seamus Dever (Ryan).

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