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Any scoop on Castle’s Esplainie? –Marine

In a word from series creator Andrew W. Marlowe, “Yeah” – but I truly believe him, based on some body language I picked up on as he said. It. “We do have a couple of things that we’re working on, in that relationship,” he added. (To which I suggested: They should quickly make use of the wedding venue! He laughed: “If only we could go back there and afford the location fee!”)


Nathan Fillion laughs in the general direction of your suggestion that he was concerned about Rick Castle’s fate, as soon as he got wind of the Season 6 finale.

“I wasn’t really worried,” the star of ABC’s Castle told Michael Ausiello during his visit to TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con video suite. With the season-ending car crash feeding into a new piece of series mythology, “I think it’s going to be fun.”

Having brought Rick and Kate together, the show reached a point of, “What now?” he notes. “We need a new reason to come back and face a new season,” he says, and with the Sept. 29 premiere already on the books, “So far, so good.”

Turning to the Castle faithful’s latest recurring mantra — with one marriage ceremony up in flames, when will “Caskett” say ‘I do’?!” — Fillion says he himself wonders, “How much longer can we make people wait for a wedding?”

Also in this video Q&A: Fillion ponders for how many more years Castle might run (might it match Bones‘ longevity?), reflects on the recent Firefly reunion he took part in and reveals the handful of TV shows he’d love to guest-star on next.


We already knew Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff was a lot of fun and that they had plenty of big surprises in store for us, but we had no idea they had something this big.

The latest update for the game will revolve around a brand new comic convention that Comic-Con International is hosting in Quahog. As usually happens when you cram hundreds of thousands of geeks into an enclosed area, something goes wrong, and Stewie is transformed into an evil octopus monster (and fan of Watchmen?) that threatens Quahog. Fortunately, plenty of nerd celebrities are on hand to help out!

Want an idea of how big Family Guy is? Check out the incredible list of celebs TinyCo was able to wrangle up for their game. Oh myyyyy-

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The “Castle” star poses as William Shatner’s most well-known persona for THR’s Comic-Con preview issue: “I’ve been fortunate enough to have met [him]. That’s a big deal to me.”

This story first appeared in the Aug. 1 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

In a world where TV shows get canceled quickly and forgotten just as fast, Joss Whedon’s sci-fi Western Firefly — which gave Fillion his first starring role — remains the anomaly, as it’s more popular 10 years after its demise than it ever was during its only season. Now, at 43, Fillion is cresting into the sixth year of ABC’s Castle, which has created a rabid following to sit alongside Firefly’s still-growing legion of fans.

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Another piece that we spotted right away was a bedazzled bridal gown worn by Det. Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) on Castle. Katic, along with fellow castmember Molly Quinn, and the show’s costume department, were out in support of designer, Luke Reichle.

He explained that the costumes he curated for the exhibition were all part of the show’s “Dressed to Kill” episode, which focused on the fashion industry. “We had to create a kind of a backdrop for a piece of evidence, which is a photograph of these two assistants fighting. They were in very bright colors—one of them is the victim of the crime—and I wanted them in very neutral background, so in the photograph, the girls would pop out.

“I chose to do everything in these neutral camel colors,” he said as he pointed to the costumes behind Beckett’s dress, “but each designer had their own look so each outfit had its own distinctive style.”

And as for the haute couture wedding dress, Reichle said that thankfully then-showrunner Andrew W. Marlowe gave him a few weeks’ notice. After showing sketches to Marlowe and discussing the dress with Katic, Reichle and team crafted it in their workroom. The gown uses real French silver bullion lace, Austrian crystals and bouillon silver sequins. “The fabric alone in this dress is like $1,200,” Reichle said. “Dior wedding dresses start at $10,000. And knowing what those look like and knowing what we put into this…this is probably in the range of $50,000.”

“In a follow-up episode, the dress is destroyed, but we didn’t destroy a proper dress. What we did is that we took fabric and created a kind of trompe l’oeil mockup of it,” he said. “I wasn’t going to let [the crew] near it with a blowtorch!”

We also asked Reichle, author of the book It’s Not About the Clothes: How to Change Your Mind About Your Look, about any star style tips he could give us “regular folks”—especially on those days when we’re not feeling exactly ready for the red carpet. But he was reassuring: “Even movie stars don’t feel like they look like movie stars,” he said.

“Style from the inside out. The outside is all about color and shape and developing your look and your own personal style, but the inside is really important because no matter how beautiful the outfit is, if you don’t have a great idea about how you look—that’s going to sabotage you every time.”

“The most practical advice I can tell someone is to learn how to take a compliment,” he said. ”And in taking a compliment, ‘Thank you’ is a complete sentence.”


Mega Buzz Spoilers
July 22, 2014

Can you tell me who ran Castle off the road in last year’s Castle finale? — Diana

Nope, but I can certainly tell you who didn’t. For fans convinced that last year’s fiery cliff-hanger was brought on by either existing nemeses Bracken and 3XK or even Castle’s own father, allow new showrunner David Amann to burst your bubble. “The mythology we’re getting into is going to go past all that into some new territory,” he says. “Those are all fair game, but it’s not going to be what the opening of the season is about.” What the new season is about is unearthing new secrets about Castle. But how will that impact the Castle-Beckett relationship? “Things that are going to come to light that are going to be unsettling for Beckett,” Amann teases. “But we’re committed to that relationship. I don’t think what happened to Castle is going to disrupt the trajectory of that relationship, at least not in the long term.”


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